Catherine Banning
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Catherine Banning

The Thomas Crown Affair

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About Her

Overview… a dedicated investigator brought in by insurers to aid the NYPD in finding a multimillion-dollar painting stolen from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Catherine wastes no time getting down to business. She locks onto playboy Thomas Crown as the possible thief, but soon finds herself falling for the mysterious millionaire while trying to make a case against him. As the worlds of crime, art, and love intertwine, Catherine’s black-and-white morality shifts to accommodate a more colorful situation.

Personality… direct and focused. Catherine’s sometimes rigid personality lends itself well to her profession as an investigator. But her by-the-book mentality is thrown for a loop by the energetic and suave Crown. Still, she enjoys the challenge of catching him and is soon taking advantage of his flamboyant style. A competitive person, Catherine enjoys the game they play and forms a strong bond through their bantering interaction.

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