Cat Grant

Cat Grant

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... with a critical, domineering mother who always pushed her to be better. As Cat explains, “She was never satisfied with me, so I was never satisfied with myself."

Living... in National City, home of the world’s newest superhero: Supergirl.

Profession... CEO of CatCo Worldwide Media. Cat worked her way up from lowly assistant, to gossip columnist, to the owner of her own media conglomerate. Now CatCo is the number one news provider for National City and Cat manages hundreds of employees around the world. She has a special knack for branding superheroes and villains, a skill she used to give Supergirl her name.

Interests... hobnobbing with celebrities, dining at the finest restaurants, and bossing around her assistant Kara Danvers.

Relationship Status... working mother. In addition to being a high-powered executive, Cat is also a loving mother to her son Carter. Although Cat is a bit mum about her romantic life, when false rumors circulate about her keeping a rent boy, Cat jokes, “If I wanted to have sex with a Beach Boy I'd still be sleeping with John Stamos. Do you really think that I need to pay for it?”

Challenge... making CatCo great. Cat is all too aware that women have to work twice as hard as men to get ahead in the business world, and she’s constantly trying to make CatCo the best company it can be. When Supergirl appears on the scene, Cat jumps at the chance to link the new superhero with her company, much as Superman is associated with the Daily Planet in Metropolis. As Cat notes, “I am doing everything I can to cultivate a relationship between Supergirl and Catco. If I could legally adopt her, I would.”

Personality... critical, opinionated, and extremely confident. Cat demands constant perfection, both from herself and from everyone around her. She once snarked, “The only reason I bought this building was because it had a private elevator. That way I don't have to get soaked in cheap cologne every morning getting to my office.” While others might describe her as “difficult” or “demanding,” she simply knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it – whether it’s a piping hot latte or an interview with Supergirl.


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