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Valerie Meyers


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Overview... therapist in the midst of a divorce. She grabbed her daughter and moved in with her brother Alex when she found out her husband would rather be with a (much) younger woman. It’s not weird for her to be in such close quarters with her brother, though: the two have barely any boundaries and it’s not much different with her daughter. The three of them talk about sex over breakfast, sometimes before their partners from the previous night have been sent away in Ubers.  

Personality... neurotic, sarcastic, and intelligent. As a therapist, Valerie is very in touch with her emotions, to the point of debilitating self-consciousness. But she desperately wants to connect with someone. When asked how she got where she is, she says, “a long chain of self-destructive choices that led to the dissolution of a loveless marriage.” She’s working hard to make sure she’s somewhere else soon.

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Valerie Meyers
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