Laura Meyers
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Laura Meyers


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Overview... teenage grump living with her mom, Valerie, and uncle, Alex. She’s a sexually-active high school student with a steady boyfriend named Emile and a crush on her teacher. Laura is extremely independent and would rather not be living with her mom. But it could be worse; she could have a mom who doesn’t let her live her her life the way she wants. But, Valerie knows everything Laura is up to and doesn’t care. She put Laura on the pill years ago and even knows the size of Emile’s penis. Boundaries went by the wayside a long time ago.   

Personality... jaded, annoyed, and rebellious. Laura is trying to figure out who she is, and is experimenting with drugs, alcohol. and sex to get there. It’s hard to rebel when your mom knows all your secrets and is pretty cool with them, though. One time Alex and her mom knocked on her door while she was on top of her boyfriend and taking off her shirt. He reached for his shirt, but Laura just said, “Come in.”

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