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Castor Troy


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About Him

Grew Up… with his little brother, Pollux Troy. Castor spent his childhood and adolescence looking after his nerdy kid brother, a habit that continues today.

Living… the life of a wealthy criminal. Guns, drugs, money, women. He’s got it all.

Profession… terrorist. Everything from assassination attempts to large-scale terrorist attacks, Castor Troy isn’t afraid of destruction, and even takes pleasure in the idea of being responsible for the deaths of thousands. He plans on detonating a weapon of mass destruction in L.A., an Armageddon he deems “the biblical plague ‘Hell-A’ deserves.”

Interests… golden pistols, golden snake-shaped money clips, and peaches. He (rather suggestively) claims, “I could eat a peach for hours.”

Relationship Status… life-long playboy, with no plans to get married. But he has an ongoing on-and-off relationship with Sasha, the sister of one of his criminal friends.

Challenge… escaping the clutches of Sean Archer, an FBI agent hell-bent on capturing him. Years before, Troy attempted to kill Archer and accidentally shot and killed Archer's young son instead. Since then, Archer has been close on Castor’s tail.

Personality… eccentric, crazy, and sadomasochistic. Troy treats his own life like an ephemeral drug-high, something that could be gone in a moment, cherished only for its momentary bliss. He’s the kind of person you could spend years chastising, and yet he’ll still break the same rules with no sense of remorse. He definitely has some human emotions, such as the love he feels for his little brother. But for the most part, Castor is cold and relentlessly murderous.

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