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Grew up… without any parental supervision. Casper, who is still technically in the process of growing up, has little to look forward to in the future. He only lives for the day-to-day pleasures of his life: getting drunk, getting high, and getting laid.

Living… from one drink to the next. You’ll never see Casper walking the streets of New York without a bottle of malt liquor in his hands.

Profession… none. When Casper needs something, he prefers to just take it. His pockets only contain “three pennies and a ball o’ lint, kid.” There’s no real need to get a legitimate job when one can steal money, booze, and drugs from other people.

Interests… getting high. Casper likes to alter his mind with anything he can get his hands on. One of his friends tells him, “You’re gonna be a vegetable when you’re older, kid.” But Casper rarely thinks very far into the future.

Relationship Status… none. Casper talks a big game, but doesn’t seem to have much success with women. He prefers the easy pleasures of drink and drugs.

Challenge… getting as wasted as possible. Casper doesn’t have many challenges is life, or at least none that he seems willing to take on. He has no goals, no aspirations, and no conception of the consequences of his actions.

Personality… vulgar, insipid, and inconsiderate. Casper doesn’t care about hurting others. His only real concern is keeping his reputation as “Casper, the friendly ghost, the dopest ghost in town.” 

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