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Casey McCall

Sports Night

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About Him

Living… alone in an empty Manhattan apartment after his divorce.Lately he’s taken to sleepingin the Sports Night offices in order to avoid being home by himself.

Profession… co-anchor and co-writer of Sports Night, a sports news show on Continental Sports Channel. Casey often takes care of the nitty-gritty details behind the show, while Dan is responsible for more of the energy and flair. Though Sports Night is a professionally executed and well-written show, their ratings are not always satisfactory, and they often live in fear of cancellation by their parent company, Continental Corp.

Interests… sports, journalism, and cheesy '70s music. Casey loves the song Afternoon Delight by the Starland Vocal Band, and he’s surprised to learn this doesn’t make him cool. A former rugby athlete, he is interested in all sports, and he cares a lot about athletes with inspiring backgrounds.

Relationship Status… divorced from the mother of his son. Now that he’s back on the market, other members of the Sports Night office (especially Natalie) have been trying to push him closer to his longtime friend Dana, the show’s executive producer. Though the two certainly have chemistry, their timing is always incredibly off.

Challenge… accepting that he isn’t the easygoing playboy that Dan is. The two have been best friends since college, and Dan has always been the hip one while Casey has always been lacking in any sort of cool factor. Now that Casey must get back in the dating game, he finds himself much more insecure about everything, from his haircut to his taste in music.

Personality… intelligent, responsible, clever, and principled. Casey wants to report the sort of important, inspiring sports news that roused his interest when he was younger. He is ambitious, has a good sense of humor, and is self-assured without showing off. Now if he could just figure out what’s going on between him and Dana.

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