Casey Klein
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Casey Klein

Party Down

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About Her

Living... in Los Angeles, where she deals with the harsh realities of life as an unsuccessful comic.

Profession... a struggling comedian and actress in Los Angeles, Casey is forced to work a menial job as a caterer at Party Down to make ends meet. She can't stand anything about the job: she hates her boss, the people she works with, and the work itself. Her sanity is sustained solely by the hope that one day soon she will get her big Hollywood break, and she'll never have to carry a cheese plate again.

Relationship Status... in a struggling marriage. Casey’s husband was offered a job in Vermont, and has been pressuring to move with him across the country. Of course, stars aren't made in Vermont, and Casey sees this move as the abandonment her dreams. As her marriage starts to crumble, Casey finds herself sharing a rapport with her coworker Henry Pollard, a cynical burned-out actor whose level-headed support gets her through the worst days at Party Down.

Challenge... maintaining her sanity while working at Party Down. Casey hates working as a caterer, and finds it extremely difficult to even pretend to care about her job. Still, as bad as the pay and clients are, Casey finds it especially taxing to take orders from her demanding and annoyingly eccentric boss, Ron Donald. As she bluntly puts it, "I can't stand walking around with these troglodytes demanding these idiotic snacks," but at least it pays the bills...

Personality... annoyed with the circumstances of her life. She is willing to tell someone off whenever she thinks they deserve it – even if they’re a client or a coworker. While irritable, Casey is reasonable, compassionate, and generally well-liked. Her popularity is in large part due to her habit of channeling her relentless negativity into a constant stream of snarky, hilarious jokes. She is generally pessimistic, but holds onto hope that she is one audition away from breaking into Hollywood and leaving her catering clothes behind forever. 

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