Carter McCoy
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Carter McCoy

The Getaway

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Living… in jail for armed robbery – at least until recently. Doc’s wife, Carol, sprung out of prison by making a deal with big Texas politician named Jack Benyon. The deal was this: Doc gets out of jail on the condition that he shares half the loot from leading a bank robbery Benyon has set up.

Profession… thief. He’s got two weeks to plan the next heist. It's not a big bank, but it handles cash deposits for an oil company. The potential prize is half a million dollars.

Relationship Status… in a stable relationship with Carol. Carol is devoted to him and waited patiently for him to get out of jail. If they ever get to Mexico, they’ll finally get to have a life together. Carol has to be kept safe at whatever cost. For Doc, life isn't worth a dime if they are not together.

Challenge… keeping his crew, particularly Beynon, in check. There’s always the risk of being double-crossed. Carter knows if he makes a single mistake, he’s sure to get burned.

Personality… paranoid, distant, and reserved. Doc has trouble trusting anyone in his line of work – and for good reason. But Carol says he’ll have to let somebody in sooner or later. After all, always looking over your shoulder is no way to live.

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