Carter Chambers
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Carter Chambers

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About Him

Overview… an aging blue-collar mechanic with an encyclopedia-like knowledge of world history. Unfortunately, Carter Chambers recently discovered he has lung cancer. After spending most of his life working in a garage to support his family, he begins to wonder if he has ever done anything noteworthy. Carter befriends his hospital roommate, the wealthy Edward Cole, and the two decide to do something big with the time they have left. 

Personality… reserved and polite. Carter always wanted to be a history professor, but he was forced to support his family instead of finishing school. As a result, he’s become uncomfortable with pursuing his true desires for fear of abandoning responsibility. He’s a principled man who is often at odds with his new friend Edward’s happy-go-lucky style. But, as they become better friends, Carter opens up and begins to build off Edward’s energy.

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