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Four Weddings and a Funeral

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Living… in transit. Carrie travels quite a bit both literally and metaphorically, as she's gone from relationship to relationship. She’s American and (presumably) lives in the States, but seems to pop up in the United Kingdom as often as the Queen.

Profession… unclear, unless “professional wedding guest” is a real job.Though she obviously does well enough financially to jet-set to England for three weddings, not including her own. It's at the first of these weddings that Carrie meets the awkward-yet-charming Brit, Charles, whom she seduces for a one-night stand. The two share an obvious connection, but distance and circumstance always seem to get in the way.

Interests… fashion, romance, and sex. Maybe not in that order.

Relationship Status… in flux. A beautiful and charming woman, Carrie never lacks for male companionship. After Charles – and before, as well – she is involved with a Scottish politician named Hamish, whom she later marries. (One of the four weddings in the title.) But she and Charles continue to be attracted to each other. It’s quite a tangled web, really.

Challenge… deciding whether she’s meant to be with Charles, and what that would even mean. Carries doesn't really seem like the marrying type, even when she in fact gets married. Charles, meanwhile, is a classic commitment-phobe. That likely either means they’re perfect for each other – or they have no chance. At this point, it could go either way.

Personality… calm, cool, collected, a fashionista, and a sexual being. It’s not hard to see why Charles falls for Carrie; it would be harder to understand the man who doesn’t fall for her. But she never seems to stay in one place for very long. Is she capable of – and does she even want – a committed, long-term relationship? That’s something Charles would like to find out, if he hasn’t already missed his window.

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