Carrie Heffernan
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Carrie Heffernan

The King of Queens

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About Her

Living... in Queens, New York as Carrie Heffernan, even though she was born Sophia Spooner. The new last name comes from her husband, Doug, and the changed first name is because her father Arthur lost her original first name in a poker game. Most would push a dad like that out of their life, but Arthur now lives in her and Doug’s basement.

Profession... paralegal in Manhattan for Kaplan, Hornstein & Steckler. Carrie is an extremely hard worker, but is prone to take her work frustrations home with her to a husband who’d rather play poker with his friends than hear about them.

Interests… shopping, shopping, and shopping. She has a full closet of clothes and shoes, and has room in Doug’s closet in case she needs to expand. Doug, on the other hand, usually just goes back and forth between his work uniform and a Jets jersey.

Relationship Status... married to the laid-back delivery truck driver, Doug. While she’s a career-driven go-getter, he’s fine with his job that pays the bills and allows him to kick back and watch sports with his buddies, especially Deacon. They butt heads over this difference in personality, but their love for each other makes for quick resolutions to any disagreements. (As in “22 minutes” quick.) They’re definitely in the “opposites attract” camp and ultimately balance each other out.

Challenge... moderating the ongoing tension between her husband and her father. After Arthur burned his house down in a hot plate accident, he moved into their basement and immediately started imposing on their lives. He’s a loud, eccentric crank who takes up so much of their energy, they can’t even think about having children.

Personality... aggressive, controlling, and a bit of a know-it-all. In other words, pretty much the perfect foil for her husband. Carrie is clearly her father’s daughter and carries on a long family tradition of going from zero-to-outraged in the blink of an eye. But don’t assume it’s a trait that’s all bad – she also uses it to defend and protect the ones she loves.

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