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Carrie Brownstein


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Living... by herself in a house in Portland, Oregon. She spends the majority of her free time exploring the city with her friend Fred and trying to solve the problems of people they meet.

Profession... none. Carrie used to be a professional musician but doesn't work at the moment. She helps out around the Portland mayoral office quite a bit, doing odd jobs for the friendly and eccentric mayor, but it is unclear if she even gets paid for this.

Interests... hip new trends. In contrast to Fred, Carrie buys into the overly kitschy nature of many of the businesses in Portland. For example, when ordering hamburgers, Carrie happily uses a restaurant's lingo to order a "torpedo slam burger.”

Relationship Status... single. Carrie doesn't seem too concerned with being in a relationship at this stage in her life. She does go on dates from time to time and gets very excited when she thinks a bartender is flirting with her, but is more or less content with her completely platonic relationship with Fred.

Challenge... social media. The feeling of always being connected is too much for Carrie to handle sometimes. She even goes as far as to declare "social bankruptcy," removing herself from all social media platforms and going completely “off the grid.” As she puts it, "I feel like my bandwidth is just full. I don't want to live my life like this."

Personality... excitable, good-natured, positive. She is very supportive of Fred and his pursuits. Carrie is a bit unsure of what she is doing with her life but appears to thoroughly enjoy this time of figuring it all out.

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