Carolyn Burnham
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Carolyn Burnham

American Beauty

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Grew Up... falling in love with Lester. The two of them had epic adventures before settling down. Carolyn “used to run of to the roof of our first apartment to flash the traffic helicopters,” and “used to fake seizures at parties when she was bored.” Where has that carefree young woman gone?

Living… the suburban life of a career woman and mother to Jane, a high schooler with a slew of problems that Carolyn’s generation never experienced. Carolyn's job as a real estate agent takes precedence over everything, and her marriage has turned into a façade. She is extremely concerned with how others view her, especially when it comes to her professional life.

Profession… real estate agent. She takes it very seriously, chanting to herself, “I will sell this house today” as she cleans the homes meticulously. Carolyn looks up to the successful “King” of real estate, Buddy Kane. 

Interests… she's attracted to power and success. Lester nowadays appears to have neither, and becomes everything she hates.

Relationship Status… in a loveless marriage with Lester. They never have sex anymore and spend all their time arguing. Carolyn has started looking elsewhere to satisfy her needs.

Challenge… selling more houses. Her entire life revolves around a twisted desire to succeed. Deep down, the only way she will be truly feel happy is to stop taking things so seriously.

Personality… anal-retentive, demanding, superficial. Carolyn allows her appearances-first job to take over her life – becoming a robot who shears roses perfectly, with matching gloves and a wicked smile on her face. 

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