Carol Pilbasian
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Carol Pilbasian

The Last Man on Earth

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About Her

Living… in sweet suburbia. Carol survived the virus that wiped out nearly everyone on Earth, and she tours the now-vacant country in her truck until she spots a sign that reads “Alive in Tucson.” Tucson, ho! There she runs into the Last Man On Earth, the strange Phil Miller, and moves across the street from him on his cul de sac.

Profession… before the fall of man, she worked as a manager for a hot sauce bottling company in Tampa. Now, there’s not much reason to have a “job” in the traditional sense.

Interests… growing and maintain her vegetable garden (it’s pronounced to-MAH-to), cooking (her specialty is raisin balls), and arts & crafts – anything to keep her occupied. Carol thrives on structure. Without it, she might go insane.

Relationship Status… looking to get married. With Phil seemingly the only option she has slim pickings indeed, but Carol is determined to make babies for the sake of humanity. But she has one condition – no babies will be conceived out of wedlock. Carol also fancies herself a talented matchmaker, with her patented “Pilbasian Nudge.” Too bad there’s no one else around for her to couple together…

Challenge… saving mankind. There’s two important things here – creating and maintaining a functional, sustainable society; and procreating. Unfortunately, Phil is a huge zero in both departments, as he is content to live in squalor and balks at Carol’s marriage requirement. If mankind is to be saved, Carol must pull out any and all stops to ensure Phil is a cooperative and productive member of their little community.

Personality… neat, goofy, optimistic, controlling, high-strung, and a lover of rules. Carol corrects Phil’s grammar incessantly and rebukes him for parking in the handicapped spot or not stopping at stop signs, even though they are the only car on the road. (Or any road.) She pays close attention to detail and is the type of person who really appreciates a good family dinner. If this society were full of people like Carol, it would thrive. Alas, it is not.

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