Carol Brady
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Carol Brady

The Brady Bunch

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Living… in Los Angeles, in a new household with her six children. She already had three daughters – Marcia, Jan and Cindy – and her new husband Mike Brady has three boys (Greg, Peter and Bobby). Toss them all together, and they’re now the “Brady Bunch.” It’s a difficult task keeping up an eight-person household, especially when six of those eight are constantly wreaking havoc. While it’s rarely quiet, at least it never gets boring.

Profession… stay-at-home mom. Carol is something of an in-house mediator, taking care of whatever argument or crisis has arisen amongst the children. Whether it’s making youngest daughter Cindy feel better about her lisp, or helping the girls build their own club in the name of gender equality, being Carol is a 24-hour job.

Interests… wide-ranging and substantial. Carol likes to devote her spare time to worthy causes and passions, whether it’s freelance writing, activism, sculpting, or singing in church. She’s also known for her collection of large dangling earrings.

Relationship Status… happily married to Mike Brady. Obviously it was more complicated than your average courtship, since Carol and Mike each already had three children from their previous marriages. Actually, nobody seems to know a thing about Carol’s first marriage, but clearly for her, the second time’s the charm.

Challenge… juggling her kids’ needs. Carol must balance giving her daughters the particular attention they need as individuals, assuming a mothering role to three new boys, and making the whole group congeal. Six kids at different stages of development sharing the same roof means that someone’s feelings are bound to be hurt. Either the girls feel excluded by the boys, or one of the boys feels excluded from the other two, or a vase is broken and no one will confess. It never ends!

Personality… warm. Taking on a new marriage and three new kids is a daunting task, but if anyone can spread the love, it’s Carol. She’s wholesome yet fairly liberated and easy-going. She has an endearingly corny sense of humor and likes to tease her husband with well-timed zingers.

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