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[Editor's Note: This profile is based on the original 1872 novella.]

Living… as a guest in a remote castle. Young Laura and her father own the castle, but agreed to take in Carmilla as a guest after Carmilla and her mother had a carriage accident, which left Carmilla weak and unable to travel. Her mother had to journey on, but Carmilla stayed behind.

Profession…  companion. Due the castle’s remoteness, Laura is often lonely, and her father was happy to have Carmilla as a guest in order to alleviate his daughter’s isolation. Carmilla and Laura spend much of their time together, although Carmilla often sleeps through the morning and early afternoon, and seems to have very little energy.

Interests… taking walks with Laura in the trees and seeing whatever amusements are available in the surrounding areas. There’s not a lot to do. Carmilla and Laura often discuss the fact that they saw each other in a dream once, many years ago.

Relationship Status… single, since she’s not even a teenager yet. But she has a lot of affection for Laura. Maybe too much, since Laura claims it frightens her.

Challenge… overcoming whatever mysterious ailment plagues her. Carmilla refuses to say anything about herself, not even where her family comes from or where her mother is going. She suffers from sleepwalking and some strange illness that robs her of energy and even causes fits. But she won’t tell Laura what it is, so Laura has to find out herself. (Big hint: it has to do with biting.)

Personality… devoted but peculiar. Carmilla adores Laura, and frequently praises her and tells her how much she cares for her. Most of the time Laura doesn’t mind, but at times Carmilla seems strange, melodramatic, even a little crazy. For instance, she had a fit when Laura sang a hymn for a passing funeral procession. Carmilla insists it’s better for Laura not to know, but Laura’s beginning to think she should find out just what’s going on.

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