Carmela Soprano
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Carmela Soprano

The Sopranos

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About Her

Grew up… in New Jersey with her nearly lifelong companion, Tony Soprano. “Carm” has been with Tony since high school, yet she admits that a large portion of his life is still a mystery to her.

Living… in a big house in an affluent Northern New Jersey suburb with her family – her husband Tony, daughter Meadow and son A.J. Carmela loves her home and all of the precious objects in it, but she doesn’t really want to think about where it all comes from.

Profession… housewife. It’s Carm’s job to raise the children, keep the household in order and prepare the food. Her ziti is known to be one of the best in all of North Jersey. Sounds peaceful, but Tony’s profession complicates everything; officially he’s in waste management, but really he’s a Mafia boss.

Interests… her children. Carmela wants the very best for Meadow and A.J., though she has the sinking suspicion that the life she’s chosen for herself may harm her offspring one day. “I am intimately acquainted with the Soprano curse,” she tells Tony, referring to his family history of criminality, anxiety and depression.

Relationship Status… married. Carmela has long known about her husband’s parade of “goomahs,” or mistresses, and she’s done her best to ignore it. While she may act like she doesn’t mind, Carmela knows that something must be done about her husband’s infidelity. Really, it’s a matter of how much she’s willing to put up with in exchange for living in luxury. There’s no easy answer, especially since she’s been with Tony so long that she can barely imagine life without him.

Challenge… facing the fact that her lifestyle was built upon blood money. Carmela has the suspicion that her husband does violent things in order to bring home such a generous amount of cash, and she does all she can to repent for these dirty deeds. As she once says while praying, “We have chosen this life in full awareness of the consequences of our sins.”

Personality… loyal, feisty, and kind. Carmela truly loves Tony and their children, even though they constantly frustrate her. Nothing, it seems, can live up to Carm’s expectations. Life is not the fairy tale that she imagined it would be.

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