Carly Bowman

Carly Bowman

Sneaky Pete

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About Her

Grew Up... with her older sister Julia and her older brother Taylor. Unfortunately, they lost their parents in a car crash years ago. She was quite young when it happened, and she is not entirely clear on her family’s past. 

Living... on a farm in Bridgeport, Connecticut with her grandparents Audrey and Otto Bernhardt. Their family life is total chaos, and she is ignored most of the time.

Profession... high school student, but not a very serious one. 

Interests... shoplifting and smoking. Thankfully, her brother Taylor is a local police officer, and he helps her get out of serious trouble. 

Relationship status... single. She doesn’t seem to be interested in being in a relationship with anyone. 

Challenge... uncovering the secrets her family is keeping from her. Her cousin Pete has returned after almost twenty years of being away, and something doesn’t smell right.

Personality... sly, risky, and smart. Carly may just be a teenager, but she knows how to handle herself. She’s confident and a risktaker. But she may find herself into more trouble than she bargained for. 

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