Carlos Solis
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Carlos Solis

Desperate Housewives

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Overview… a wealthy businessman and husband to Gabrielle Solis. For now, he’s living the good life on Wisteria Lane. And he wants everyone to know just how good it is; he’s been known to push Gaby to flaunt her jewelry or cars just so the neighbors know how rich they are. But his jealousy and control issues have a tendency to get in the way of his relationship with Gaby, and so he’s eager to hide their unhappiness under a layer of luxury and smiles. That layer might start to show its cracks though as the young gardener catches Gaby’s eye…

Personality… powerful, and used to holding on to that power. Carlos likes to have control over his life, ensuring that he has the best of everything, whether that be the best car or the best-looking wife. His hot temper and intense drive have made him a success in the boardroom, but have been less of an asset in his relationships, keeping him from properly expressing his love for his admittedly strong-willed wife.

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