Carlos DeVil

Carlos DeVil


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… afraid of dogs on the Isle of the Lost with his mother, Cruella de Vil. She taught him that dogs, according to Carlos’ outburst at meeting one for the first time: “vicious, rabid pack animals!” 

Visiting… Auradon with his friends. After traveling in a limo, he discovers candy, especially chocolate. Growing up with villain kids, the royally kind attitude of his peers in Auradon is a big change for Carlos—especially Ben who is sympathetic towards Carlos and helps him overcome his fears. 

Profession… student at Auradon Prep and member of the school’s tourney team. Carlos usually lets his friends do the talking and is hesitant to participate in sports, but after encouragement from friends new and old, he’ll be able to come out of his shell and show everyone Carlos de Vil can’t be pushed around.

Interests… video games, 3D printing, and staying away from dogs and other furry beasts. After the school mascot Dude chases him across the tourney field, he soon becomes invested in taking care of his fluffy best friend and defending him against his mother’s eccentricities.

Relationship Status… single. But the sweet daughter of the Fairy Godmother may have a little crush on him. He’s never been great with girls like his friend Jay.

Challenge… overcoming his fears and opening up to others. 

Personality… loyal, honest, and helpful. Carlos is always there to support his friends when they need it.


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