Carl Hanratty
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Carl Hanratty

Catch Me If You Can

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About Him

Living… in his office, practically.

Profession… bank fraud investigator for the FBI. Carl sees himself as a bit of an outsider in the Bureau, as most of his colleagues poke fun at the dull nature of check fraud compared to “sexier” crimes. Even so, Carl exclaims with pride: “I love my job!”

Interests… his daughter, Grace. Hanratty, when he’s not dedicating himself to catching criminals, dotes on his daughter. Though it’s often not clear which is his priority: his only child, or his career.

Relationship Status… married, though Carl’s wife isn’t fond of his obsession with work. Carl is too busy trying to catch the most wanted con man in the world.

Challenge… capturing Frank Abagnale Jr. The meticulous and thorough Hanratty has seen just about every scam in the book, until he comes across this ambitious, mysterious con artist who’s pioneering new methods of theft and impersonation.

Personality… serious. Carl is known around the office for his frank demeanor and his inability to tell a joke. But to Carl, catching an incredibly resourceful criminal like Frank Abagnale is no laughing matter.

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