Carl "CJ" Johnson

Carl "CJ" Johnson

Grand Theft Series

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About Him

Grew up... in Los Santos. CJ and his three siblings were raised by their single mother in this San Andreas city. He was introduced to the gang life when his older brother Sean “Sweet” Johnson became the leader of the Grove Street Families. As he recalls, “Grove Street. Home. At least it was before I [screwed] everything up.”

Living... back in San Andreas. CJ left home while his gang was on the decline to become a car thief in Liberty City. In 1992, five years later, he returned after his mother was murdered in a drive-by shooting. But CJ had to earn his way back into the gang he had abandoned.

Profession... second-in-command of the Grove Street Families. CJ now helps his brother lead their gang, whether it’s by knowing when to cooperate with corrupt cops and rival gangs or just take them out. But while he will kill those standing in his way, he does show some remorse.

Interests… expanding his assets. As CJ amasses power, he starts to enjoy getting involved with ventures outside of the gang. This includes dabbling in the music business, casinos, and even getting his hands on a government jetpack.

Relationship Status... in a relationship. CJ begins dating Catalina after being introduced to her by her cousin Cesar. Their idea of romance includes BDSM and bank robberies.

Challenge... reclaiming the Grove Street Families. The crack epidemic has weakened much of the gang’s power over the years. Also, Sweet’s leadership faltered without CJ, so his mission is to restore the power and respect of his gang and family. He also has a score to settle with whoever killed his mother.     

Personality... ambitious, loyal, and naïve. CJ stays true to his brother and his gang, and despite being willing to take out rival gang members, he does occasionally show mercy to those he believes deserve it. CJ wants to be the boss, not just by reclaiming his gang, but by escaping the shackles of gang life all together. He realizes there’s a lot more power and money in thinking bigger.

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