Carl Bernstein
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Carl Bernstein

All the President's Men

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About Him

Living... in Washington, D.C., where he has lived his whole life. He has been working in journalism since he was 16. Since he didn't have a college degree, he had to work his way up, starting as a copy boy for the Washington Star. Carl always seems to find the story because he has some great contacts – especially among the “little people” like bus boys and bellhops, the folks who really know what’s going on.

Profession... reporter for the Washington Post. He's working on a big story with another Post reporter, Bob Woodward. Carl wasn't sure about Woodward at first because he went to Yale. As he explains, "All those Ivy League places are the same – they teach you about striped ties, and suddenly you're smart."

Interests... cycling. But if he doesn't do something quick, his $600 bicycle is going to get repossessed. He's having a hard time with all his bills.

Relationship Status... divorced. His ex-wife Hannah calls him a sex junkie. Thankfully, they're still friends, and she is helping him out with all the stuff that's going on.

Challenge... risking his job and reputation with a story they are writing on John Mitchell. According to their sources, while serving as U.S. Attorney General, Mitchell personally controlled a secret cash fund that was used to gather information for the Nixon administration against the Democrats. Mitchell denies it and says he's going to come after Woodward and Bernstein with everything he’s got. And a man that powerful is a very dangerous enemy to have.

Personality... scrappy. Carl may not be the most polished reporter, but that doesn’t matter. His intense ambition, determination, and ability to find and work his sources are the keys to his success. 

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