Caramon Majere

Caramon Majere

Dragons of Autumn Twilight

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About Him

Grew up… taking care of others. The polar opposite of his twin brother, Raistlin, Caramon’s always been a big guy and popular in his hometown of Solace. Raistlin, however, was forever sickly, so Caramon often had to act as a caretaker for his twin and his mother, who often fell into trances.

Living… in dangerous times. There are stirrings of war all around, and even the quiet town of Solace isn’t immune. Caramon and his friends are going to have to be careful, and it may even be up to them to stop what’s brewing.

Profession… warrior. Caramon is over six feet tall and a skilled swordsman, though he prefers to avoid violence if possible. He’s willing to stop fights when they get started, but he’s too compassionate to start them himself.

Interests… taking care of his family and friends. Caramon loves hanging out in the Inn in Solace with his friends, drinking and talking about their adventures together.

Relationship Status… interested in Tika, the woman who runs the Inn. But in times like these, he doesn't have much time to focus on romance.

Challenge… stopping evil from taking over the world – and his brother. Caramon is aware that Raistlin is jealous of his twin's health and popularity. And he’s also aware that if it comes to it, Raistlin is willing to sacrifice Caramon to attain his own ambitions. In spite of all that, Caramon loves his brother and remains fiercely devoted to him.

Personality… jovial, compassionate, and loyal. People around him often think he’s slow-witted, but Caramon just prefers to consider every possible option. He might not be as intelligent as his brother, but he understands people better, and his brother and his friends mean the world to him.

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