Cara Dune
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Cara Dune

The Mandalorian

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About Her

Living... on a secluded planet in the far reaches of the galaxy. Cara’s past makes it critical to lay low, and she enjoys the newfound simplicity of life. Cara is hiding from the Empire who would hunt her down if they knew where she was. 

Profession... former Rebel Shock-Trooper. Cara has retired her weapons and hopes she doesn’t have to use them again. She’s not in the mood to play soldier ever again. 

Interests... bars, fights, and barfights. Cara is often hanging out at the local bars where she wagers bets on fights. Usually,  she participates in order to earn credits.

Relationship status... single. She would much rather focus on herself than be tied down to anyone else.

Challenge... dealing with the consequences of crossing paths with The Mandalorian and The Child. After meeting them, she is forced to face enemies from her past and must decide whether to run or once again fight for her life.

Personality... strong, independent, and lighthearted. Her time fighting for the New Republic has hardened Cara. She is a strong fighter and stoic when it comes to possible threats. Despite her tough exterior, she also has a playful side—cracking jokes and opening up to the few people she trusts.

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