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Captain William Laurence


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About Him

Grew Up... well-off and well-bred.  The son of Lord Allendale, Laurence upset his father by running off to sea when he was 12. While he managed to carve out a respectable career for himself in the Navy, all of Laurence's hard-earned success falls apart when he inadvertently finds himself the captain of a newly hatched dragon.

Living... in Britain, under the threat of the French. The year is 1805, and although dragons now form part of the British military, Napoleon has aerial forces of his own and is intent on using them to conquer Europe.

Visiting... the world. After becoming captain of the newly hatched Temeraire, Laurence is sent around the globe on a variety of diplomatic and strategic missions. And as he visits other countries, Laurence's begins to have doubts about both his country and its treatment of dragons.

Profession... former captain of the HMS Reliant, current captain of the Chinese dragon Temeraire. Already a bit of a black sheep for his naval career, Laurence's standing with his father further falls when he's transferred to the disreputable Aerial Corps. But while Laurence is initially mortified at his new position, Temeraire's affection quickly wins over Laurence, who assures the dragon, "I would rather have you than any ship in the Navy."

Interests... social dinners, polite society, and preserving whatever propriety he can in the Aerial Corps. Although Laurence tries to suspend judgment, he can't help but be shocked by the Corps' lack of decorum. Not only are his fellow pilots' manners woefully lacking, many of them are also women.

Relationship Status... tentatively engaged to childhood friend Edith Galman. Laurence's long years of service, however, have strained their relationship. And then there's always Jane Roland, Laurence's fellow captain and a dashing woman in her own right...

Challenge... repelling Napoleon while dealing with the challenges of a new dragon. Though his years as a naval captain have familiarized Laurence with the brutality of war, he's less prepared to deal with a fiercely intelligent dragon with no concept of patriotism or duty.

Personality... brave, polite, and honorable to excess. Raised to be a gentleman, Laurence embodies the manners and patriotism of a model British citizen. While steadfastly loyal to his country, Laurence – like Temeraire – has a conscience of his own, and he will exercise it.

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