Captain Rex

Captain Rex

The Clone Wars

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About Him

Grew Up... in a Kamino cloning facility with his brothers. They were created to fight for the Republic against the Separatists and their droid army. 

Living... a life of war. He and his thousands of brothers fight every day against droids in order to ensure victory for the Republic and peace across the galaxy.

Profession... Captain of the 501st Legion. He is honored to serve under General Anakin Skywalker because he shows Captain Rex and all his clone brothers respect for the fighting they do for the galaxy. He has made many friends with the Jedi, but he is distraught over how the Jedi cruelly treat the clones. He wishes that they would all treat clones the way Anakin Skywalker does.

Interests... weaponry. He is extremely adept in dual-wielding two blaster pistols. 

Challenge... struggling in a war that he never wanted to fight. Having to lead many of his brothers to their death every day is taking a toll on him, but he knows that he must push on to win the war. His strategic battle plans have led to many victories for the 501st Legion. But as Captain Rex is coming to realize, the war is leaving its scars on all of them.

Personality... decisive, strong, and wise. Captain Rex worked hard to get where he is. Explaining his route to success, he says: “In my book, experience outranks everything.” A natural leader, Captain Rex truly cares about his troops and inspires them on and off the battlefield.

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