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About Him

Grew Up... on Planet Hocotate. Captain Olimar hails from the planet known for its pale red moon and 1-inch tall humanoid inhabitants incapable of breathing oxygen. 

Living... on planet PNF-404. After his ship, the S.S. Dolphin, was struck by a meteor in the middle of his vacation, Olimar crash-landed on the mysterious planet PNF-404. It is filled with thick forests, giant monsters, and little ant-like creatures called Pikmin that Olimar soon learns to control.

Profession... captain for Hocotate Freight. Even while just trying to survive, he makes sure to store exotic treasures to give to the company once he returns. No wonder he’s one of Hocotate Freight’s most respected captains.

Interests... science. Olimar has a strong interest in the sciences, particularly biology. While stranded on the planet, he writes numerous notes studying the local flora and fauna he examines, such as, “The Pikmin are as curious as children!”

Relationship Status... married. Olimar is married with a son, daughter, and pet. He loves them dearly, but sometimes he likes to have some alone time, which is why he was taking that fateful vacation in the first place.

Challenge... getting back home. Olimar’s suit will only protect him for 30 days. So he must command the Pikmin to explore this strange, hostile new environment and recover the lost parts of the S.S. Dolphin. Only by rebuilding his ship can he return home.                                                  

Personality... tactical. Despite their vast numbers, Pikmin are normally frail, stupid creatures constantly under attack by larger predators. However, with Olimar’s great strategic mind guiding them, the Pikmin become a powerful army capable of taking down even the most intimidating threats. 

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