Captain Lone Starr
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Captain Lone Starr


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About Him

Grew Up… abandoned on the doorstep of a monastery. Lone Starr had royal parents, though he doesn’t know it.

Living… on his spaceship Eagle 5, drifting through space. Though it's not quite as high-tech as it sounds – his spaceship is shaped like a Winnebago motorhome, complete with brown carpet and '80s décor.

Profession… wandering rogue and mercenary. Lone Starr is the captain of his spaceship where he travels the universe with his “mawg” (half-man, half-dog) sidekick Barf, picking up jobs wherever they can.

Relationship Status… single. After rescuing Princess Vespa from her arranged marriage to the boring and narcoleptic Prince Valium, Lone Starr begrudgingly agrees to help her avoid the capture of Dark Helmet, but he’s only really in it for the money. Though she’s a pain at first, Lone Starr can’t help but begin to develop feelings for the spunky princess. However, she tells him that she can only marry a prince, much to her own dismay.

Challenge… paying off his debt to Pizza the Hut. Lone Starr owes the gangster Pizza the Hut 1,000,000 spacebucks. Luckily, King Roland of Planet Druidia offers him 1,000,000 spacebucks in exchange for rescuing his daughter Princess Vespa from the clutches of Dark Helmet and the Spaceballs. Planet Spaceball has used up all its air and plans to suck the air from Druidia. The Spaceball president sends Dark Helmet and his ship Spaceball One to kidnap Princess Vespa and use her as ransom to get Druidia to lower its shields for them to steal the air. Lone Starr will have to learn how to use the power of “The Schwartz” to save the day.

Personality… cocky, bumbling, and dim-witted. Lone Starr may be a tough mercenary, but he doesn’t always make the best or smartest decisions, which gets him into tight spots with people he owes money. He’s a slippery rogue who doesn’t play by anyone’s rules but his own. Always stumbling and saying the wrong thing, Lone Starr is not your typical action hero, but he’s Planet Druidia’s only hope. 

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