Captain Hook

Captain Hook

    Once Upon a Time
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… without a father. Young Killian Jones, who now goes by Captain Hook, dreamed of setting off on grand sea voyages with his father and exploring new realms together. Instead, he woke up one morning to find that his father had abandoned his family. Killian also had an older brother, Liam.

Living… on the Jolly Roger, wherever she may be anchored. The Jolly Roger was formerly a naval ship known as The Jewel of the Realm.  After choosing a pirate’s life, the former Lieutenant – now Captain – Killian Jones renamed the vessel and took it as his own.

Visiting… Storybrooke, Maine, currently. Hook has also explored many lands, including the Enchanted Forest and Neverland.

Profession… pirate. Albeit one with a code of honor, if you can believe it. Back when Hook went by Killian Jones, he was a lieutenant on his brother’s ship, serving the king. After Liam’s death, he came to realize that the king’s true intentions were more malevolent than good. He and his crew chose to live as honorable pirates rather than serve an ill-intentioned monarch. 

Interests… swordfighting, navigation, and leather pants. As Baelfire’s mentor in Neverland, Hook taught the young runaway how to navigate using the stars, and how to defend himself with a blade. It’s unclear whether he ever attempted to impart fashion advice to Rumplestiltskin’s son.

Relationship Status… single. He has a thing for courageous blondes. For now, he is happy bedding women throughout the realms. Self-aware of his good looks, he confidently states, “Yeah. I am devilishly handsome.”

Challenge… getting revenge. Rumplestiltskin brutally killed the woman he loved. Hook is willing to travel dimensions and time to avenge her death. Rumplestiltskin also cut off Killian’s hand, which is how he got his hook – and his new name.

Personality… honorable and passionate. When Captain Hook cares about something, he cares with his entire being and will do whatever it takes to get what he wants. This usually includes morally questionable actions. But, he is incredibly loyal and will never break a promise. 


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