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Overview… a superhero, techically. Captain Hammer is Los Angeles’s most famous superhero, with super strength and the good looks to match. But he doesn’t really care about the people he saves. He’s in it for the praise, and to pummel Dr. Horrible, his nemesis. So far, Dr. Horrible has yet to beat him, ever. So it’s going pretty well. Captain Hammer will do almost anything just to upset Dr. Horrible – even dating the girl he likes, Penny, just to rub it in.

Personality… vain, conceited, and not too bright. Captain Hammer’s good at looking good – he can do photo ops like a champ. But actually helping people is a drag, so he doesn’t bother with it much. He spends most of his time impressing people, and probably thinking up clever one-liners like the one he lays on Captain Hammer: “Give my regards to Saint Peter. Or whoever does his job… but in hell.”

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