Captain Haddock

Captain Haddock

    The Adventures of Tintin
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… practically on the seas. As a young man, Archibald Haddock sailed in the merchant marine, and sailed over twenty years with his old friend, Captain Chester, before becoming commander of the Karaboudjan, a fine steam ship.

Living… aboard the mighty Karaboudjan. The Captain spends a good deal of time in his tiny room aboard the ship, consuming vast amounts of Loch Lomond brand whisky. He falsely believes he is trapped in this room, though he has been too busy drinking to ever try the door.

Profession… sailor. Captain Haddock has seafaring in the blood. He is a direct descendant of the 17th century seafarer Sir Francis Haddock, a sea captain under Charles II. The Captain is something of a far cry from the glory of his ancestor, however. His nautical knowledge and skill is hampered by his alcoholism, and he believes his family line suffers from a curse. It appears that the alcoholism is connected to the Haddock family line. As the Captain puts it: “Sir Francis Haddock was the greatest captain of the seven seas! Why do you think I drink? It’s because I know I'll never be like him!”

Interests… whisky is preferred, but the Captain will settle for medical spirits in a pinch. Captain Haddock is interested in the sea and booze and little else. And it often seems that these two interests compete.

Relationship Status… married to the sea.

Challenge… beating his ruinous addiction to alcohol and somehow remembering an old family secret. The family secret was passed down to him from his ancestor, Sir Francis. However, from all the drinking, Captain Haddock has forgotten it. Thus his challenge is to kick his debilitating habit, and in so doing walk a path of self-discovery and restoration of family legacy.

Personality… mischievous, emotional, and passionate. In his own words, “A Haddock always has a trick up his sleeves!” For better and worse, he is a slave to his whims. He swings from anger to sadness and back, making wild threats, accusations, and rousing calls to arms. The Captain is jovial, passionate, and larger than life.


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