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About Him

Grew up... as Douglas Jay Falcon. But beyond that, little is known about Captain Falcon’s early life. Rumors say he earned his title as a police officer, but even that’s little more than speculation.

Living... off the coast of Port Town. A renowned bounty hunter, Captain Falcon has angered many powerful criminals, so he lives in a secluded fortress. The solitude and space also offers him the chance to practice his skills as a race-car driver.

Profession... bounty hunter and F-Zero pilot. When he’s not capturing fugitives, Captain Falcon competes in F-Zero high-speed hovercraft races and is a frequent winner of the Grand Prix. However, he never likes to linger and typically races back home immediately after accepting his trophy.

Interests… racing. Competing in F-Zero is what Captain Falcon lives for, which is why he is so dedicated to honing his skills. As he says, “I was born to be an F-Zero racer. Winning isn’t about being lucky, it’s about being bold.”

Relationship Status... single. Captain Falcon has purposefully shut himself off from the rest of the world. He doesn’t want to let anyone in, including potential romantic interests.

Challenge... stopping Black Shadow and his criminal network. One of Captain Falcon’s most nefarious foes is the intergalactic crime lord Black Shadow. Fortunately for Falcon, finding him is rarely a problem since Black Shadow commonly shows up at F-Zero races trying to kill the captain on his own turf.     

Personality... dashing and mysterious. Captain Falcon keeps to himself most of the time, but when he does appear it’s hard not to get excited by his fantastic displays of skill, unless you’re a criminal on the other end of his trademark Falcon Punch.

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