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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in Portland, Oregon. Candace spends most of her time at the bookstore she owns and operates with her friend Toni.

Profession... co-owner of Women & Women First, a feminist bookstore in North-East Portland. It’s clear that she and Toni have completely invested themselves in the store and the women-centric ideals it represents. However, based on their aggressive approach to customers and suspect business plans, success might be difficult. She says to Toni, "This is a top selling author; do we really want that in here? No, we want bottom selling authors."

Interests... obscure beverages. Candace is on the cutting edge of new and exciting drinks. This is partially for the health boost but also for the ego boost she gets from staying on top of these trends. As she describes a new tea she is trying: "It helps clear out my tear ducts. It tastes like soot and hot water...I'm hooked."

Relationship Status... single. Candace was married at some point, but has long since divorced her "disgusting" ex-husband. They have one child together, a son, who Candace can hardly even interact with due to his gender, but as she begrudgingly tells him, "I'm proud of you son, even though you're a man." It's unclear if her past relationship led to her distaste for all men or if this distaste led to the end of her relationship. Either way, it seems she will be single for quite some time.

Challenge... overcoming her biases for the sake of the bookstore. Candace's attitude towards potential customers is often questionable. Even when patrons are legitimately interested in what Women & Women First has to offer, she can be completely standoffish. For example, she forcefully tells a younger girl looking for books for a college course that she should just take a weekend class at the store and drop out of her college since, "these books are no good.” And of course, the men that come into the bookstore are instantly turned away.

Personality... sarcastic, rude, pretentious. Candace has absolutely no sense of humor. She feels that her approach to feminism, and the world in general, are the only correct ways of thinking. This makes her extremely difficult to interact with in any capacity, but at least she has fully committed to the cause that she cares about.


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