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Camille Braverman


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Living... with her husband Zeek in Berkeley, California. Their daughter Sarah and her kids just moved into the guest house – a much needed injection of youth after years of empty nest life.

Profession... retired. Camille was a full-time stay at home mom for their four kids. She never had a career, which she quietly has regrets about. But she’s extremely proud of her kids and even though they’re grown up, she’s there to provide advice and love. Though more often than not, it’s tough love.

Interests… painting, gardening, and being the most calm and relaxed Braverman. Recently, she went on a trip to Italy with her painting class, leaving Zeek at home by himself. It makes him realize how much he needs her around.

Relationship Status... married to Zeek for over 40 years. She thinks things might be getting stale and just found out that Zeek had cheated on her. Even when they fight, though, she still loves him. She says, “You know, when you’re not a pain in the ass, you’re a pretty sweet guy.”

Challenge... spicing up her uneventful life. Though she’s happy to be the backbone of the Braverman family, there are times when she’d like to be seen as more than just a mom. She’s starting to feel like she needs to explore more than just their backyard.

Personality... wise, warm, and loving. As she has gotten older, she’s realized she has made the most compromises of any Braverman, so she’s beyond sugar coating. If you ask for advice, you won’t hear what you want to – but you’ll hear what you need.

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