Cam Stuart
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Cam Stuart

Infinitely Polar Bear

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About Him

Grew Up… very wealthy and privileged. Cam’s family always took care of everything for him, hoping that he would rise to their expectations and become a successful businessman. However, Cam and his erratic personality had other plans.

Living… in Boston in the 1970s. He lives with his wife and two daughters in a small apartment in a bad part of town. They had to move out of their old house once Cam lost his job. His wife, Maggie, is now going to business school at Columbia University in New York, so most of the time it’s just him and the girls in the apartment.

Profession… recently unemployed. Cam has bipolar disorder, and his extreme highs and lows make it hard to fit into an office environment and maintain a job. Now, Cam spends his days taking care of his daughters... at least to the best of his ability.

Interests… his bike, fixing things, cooking, talking to the neighbors – whatever strikes his fancy at any given moment. Cam’s bipolar disorder has him scattering his interests all over the place, depending on his mood. What never changes is his love for his daughters and his wife.

Relationship Status… married, buthis marriage is strained. Maggie just isn’t sure that she can trust Cam to be the husband and father that she needs him to be.

Challenge… trying to be emotionally stable. He wants to prove to himself and his family that he is strong enough to fight his mental disorder, sometimes even forgoing his medication to show that he can do it on his own – which can backfire. Cam needs Maggie to know that he can take care of his daughters, and his daughters are there to help him raise them.

Personality… erratic, friendly, exuberant, and passionate. Cam’s bipolar disorder colors much of his life and his behavior. But not matter what, he is loving and devoted to his family, and ready to fight for them at all costs.

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