Calvin Candie
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Calvin Candie

Django Unchained

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About Him

Overview… a self-proclaimed southern “gentleman” who is anything but. Calvin Candie owns the fourth largest cotton plantation in Missouri, which he has dubbed “Candyland.” Candie lives a life of ease, supplementing his already substantial income by running a brothel and arranging “mandingo fights”– gladiatorial fights to the death between slaves. He is the current owner of Django’s wife, Brunhilda, a fact that is destined to bring the two into conflict, and test Candie’s belief that black people are “predisposed to slavery.”

Personality… cruel, ignorant, and incredibly racist. Sporting an inflated ego, Calvin Candie believes that he is entitled to the tremendous privilege he’s enjoyed his entire life. While Candie is cordial, civil, and polite to his white peers, he spends most his time interacting with slaves– a group he considers subhuman. He seeks to project a cultured image, but appears for the most part uneducated. For example, he is an avid Francophile but can’t speak a word of French. Ignorant and cruel even by the standards of slave-masters, Calvin Candie takes sick pleasure in his tyrannical reign over “Candyland.”

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