Callie Torres

Callie Torres

    Grey's Anatomy
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in Southern Florida with her parents and sister. Callie comes from a wealthy family, although she’s not always forthcoming with those details since she wants to forge her own path without help from her parents.

Living... in Seattle, Washington and, more specifically, in the basement of Seattle Grace Hospital. Since Callie basically lives at work anyway, she figures it’s just easier that way.

Profession... orthopedic surgeon. She’s one of the top surgeons in her field and she’s proud of it. Her study methods are legendary among the interns at Seattle Grace. As she puts it, “I do not quit. I do not fail. I like to be good at things.”

Interests... performing cutting-edge surgeries and dancing in her underwear.

Relationship Status... single, but interested in George O’Malley. Callie first meets George while setting his dislocated shoulder and she’s not shy about flirting with him. But George may or may not feel the same way about her, and Callie isn’t one to sit around waiting for him to decide.

Challenge... figuring out her personal life. Callie is flirty, forward, and confident when it comes to sex, but her deep vulnerabilities emerge when her emotions are on the line. Although she’s happy being alone, when Callie does find someone she’s interested in, she tends to leap before she looks.  

Personality... confident, outgoing, competitive… and sometimes insecure. Callie is a risk-taker. In her mind it’s better to take a chance than regret not doing anything at all. As she explains, “Life's too short to be scared.” That’s equally true in her professional life—where she often pioneers revolutionary methods in orthopedic surgery—and her personal one. Callie wears her heart on her sleeve and while her circle of friends may not be large, she considers those inside of it to be her family.   


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