Cal Weaver
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Cal Weaver

Crazy, Stupid Love

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About Him

Grew up… in Los Angeles with his wife, Emily. Cal and Emily married at a young age after Emily became pregnant.

Living… on his own. Cal’s marriage crumbled when Emily confessed to sleeping with her co-worker, David Lindhagen. Now Cal is a middle-aged single man and doesn’t know what to do with himself.

Visiting… a local bar every night. Cal spends his evenings drinking vodka cranberries and rambling on to strangers about his divorce.

Interests… getting back into the bachelor lifestyle. Cal has been on the receiving end of a makeover from Jacob, a suave womanizer who frequents the same bar. Jacob wants to stop Cal’s complaining and turn him into a stud, and if Cal wants to succeed, he’ll have to adopt a new wardrobe and learn to stop talking about his own problems so much.

Relationship Status… still in love with Emily, despite the fact that he’s been seeing other women. While Cal has managed to morph into a middle-aged stud, he still retains feelings for his first love and the mother of his children.

Challenge… getting back together with Emily. Jacob’s lessons in womanizing have helped Cal get his groove back. Now he just needs to channel his newfound mojo to get Emily away from David Lindhagen. As he explains: “I will never stop trying. Because when you find The One… you never give up.”

Personality… sweet, kind and determined. Cal isn’t quite cut out to be a heartbreaker. He’s more comfortable with married life and is refocusing his efforts on winning back his wife.

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