Caius Martius Coriolanus
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Caius Martius Coriolanus


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About Him

Grew Up… in modern day Rome, which has turned to near rebellion due to an unwanted military conflict.

Living… in a state of war. Rome is now at war with the neighboring Volsci, and because of that, grain has been withheld from the plebeian citizenry and civil liberties have been greatly diminished. Martius holds an extremely low opinion of the masses, and is perhaps a little too vocal in his disdain for his own good.

Profession… a wildly successful patrician general of Rome. For his military victories, he is awarded the name “Coriolanus,” meaning “conqueror of Corioli.” However, Martius is not as gifted a politician as he is a soldier, and at one point he has to deal with a violent riot. That’s particularly tricky because the rioters blame him for the current unrest.

Interests… beating the general of the Volsci, Tullus Aufidius. Tullus swears that he wants to take him out. The two fight one-on-one upon meeting at the siege of Corioles. Although the two nearly kill each other, they both escape the bout alive ­– for now.

Relationship Status… married to his wife Virgilia. The two of them have a son together. However, Martius is more married to his job and work as a general. Unfortunately the opinion of Rome is fickle as a changing river – at any time his hero status could quickly turn to that of an enemy.

Challenge… transitioning from his role as a military hero to the political position of consul. Martius might find more dangerous foes in the Senate than on the battlefield; at least on the field of actual battle, he knows what he’s doing. His dislike for commoners also gets him into trouble. He certainly has no intention of accepting the criticism of plebians: "Thus we debase the nature of our seats and make the rabble call our cares fears, which will, in time, break open the locks of the senate, and bring in the crows to peck the eagles!" Most people don’t like being called “crows,” and the Roman masses are no different.

Personality… harsh, principled, quick to anger, and decisive in his violence. The same traits that make Martius a great military leader tend to get him in big trouble as a politician. He can’t stand dissent and always believes he’s right. But acting decisively without answering to anyone may work for a general during wartime, but not in politics.

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