Cagali Yula

Cagali Yula

Mobile Suit Gundam Series

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About Her

Living... with the resistance group known as “Desert Dawn.” They’re currently fighting against the military organization known as ZAFT, but don’t care about the politics of war, so much as preventing their homeland from being occupied. This makes Cagali an unusual member of the group, as her homeland is the nation known as Orb, on the other side of the planet.

Profession... freedom fighter. Cagali is the Desert Dawn’s “Goddess of Victory,” who helps lead the outgunned and outmanned resistance forces against the organized ZAFT – and manages to win. Cagali is a brilliant tactician, an inspiring leader, and above all a fearless warrior.

Interests... when not fighting for freedom Cagali loves a good kebab, especially when it has enough hot sauce to match her own fiery personality. Despite her supposed hatred of formalities, Cagali also seems at home in fancy dresses, which may provide a hint to her past before the resistance.

Relationship Status... single. Some people joke that she is too abrasive to ever find a boyfriend. Ahmed of the Desert Dawn seems to have feelings for her, and she may return them. But she also may be interested in Kira Yamato – although she dislikes the way he fights, and especially dislikes what she thinks he is fighting for. Kira, however, might have too much romantic drama already to notice Cagali’s affections, and their bonds built on the battlefield do seem more brother-sister than romantic at times.

Challenge... trying to “fight courageously at all times” in a seemingly unwinnable battle.Cagali’s reasons for being with the resistance are unclear, but her desire “to protect the people and things that mean so much to us” is clear.

Personality... fiery, devoted, and a bit rough. Cagali’s has a “tendency to overlook what’s going on” when she is focused on achieving a goal, and while she is more than capable of making elaborate plans to obtain these goals, she prefers to act spontaneously and deal with any needed apologies later. This sometimes becomes a problem when Cagali tries to be diplomatic, or when her desire to avenge fallen comrades blinds her to danger. But her courage and passion for her friends earns her a great deal of respect as well.

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