CK Dexter Haven

CK Dexter Haven

    The Philadelphia Story
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview... a pompous socialite. Though he won’t admit it, Dexter’s biggest regret is the failure of his marriage to the eccentric Tracy Lord. But even though his struggles with alcoholism and her expectations of perfection drove them apart, Dexter still wants to look out for his ex-wife. He agrees to smuggle a tabloid reporter into her upcoming wedding to George Kittredge in order to stop the rag from publishing a scandalous story about Tracy’s father.

Personality... charming, quick-witted, and confrontational. Dexter has an eye for spotting other people’s shortcomings, including his own. He isn’t one for social niceties and he speaks his mind no matter where he is or what company he’s with. Though often sarcastic and sometimes cruel, Dexter is usually just using his sharp wit to cover up his own emotions.  


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