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Grew Up… training to be a bodyguard at Madame Ko’s academy. Butler is descended from a long line of protectors of the Fowl family, and was groomed from birth to be the best possible defender of his lifelong charge, Artemis Fowl II. While every member of the Butler family is deadly, Butler is perhaps the deadliest, graduating from Madam Ko’s academy at a record breaking 18 years of age.

Living… at Fowl Manor with Juliet, Artemis Fowl II, and Fowl’s mother. Fowl Manor is a huge, old mansion just outside of Dublin that Butler dutifully protects, as his ancestors did before him. 

Profession… bodyguard for Artemis Fowl II. This job is not merely making sure his charge doesn’t get hurt; Butler is also Artemis’s caretaker and co-conspirator in whatever crazy scheme Artemis has concocted. Trained in martial arts, intelligence, medicine, and several styles of cooking, Butler takes care of all of Artemis’s needs. 

Interests… his job. Butler is a rare and happy case of natural interests aligning with professional skills, and spends most of his time honing the techniques that will make him a more effective body guard.

Relationship Status… single. He has more than enough on his hands just keeping Artemis out of trouble, never mind adding a romance to the mix. 

Challenge… protecting Artemis Fowl II. This is more difficult than it sounds, simply because Artemis is a cocky prodigy who likes to plot high-stakes crimes. His latest heist is his most daring yet – Artemis believes that he’s proven the existence of Fairies, and intends to kidnap one of them and hold them in exchange for a sizeable “donation” of fairy gold. As he enters into conflict with an enemy that’s managed to avoid human detection and interference for centuries, Butler’s impressive skills will be put to the ultimate test. 

Personality… loyal, tough, efficient. Is it even possible to separate Butler and Artemis? He may be the perfect bodyguard. He’s described as, “the essence of understated efficiency. Black suit, shaven head, and as inconspicuous as it was possible to be at almost seven feet tall.” His professional demeanor hides a warm heart. Butler cares deeply for his ward, and acts as a surrogate father figure in the absence of Artemis Fowl Sr. – although Butler would be the first to admit that it’s tough to play Dad to the smartest 12 year old on earth.

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