Butch Coolidge
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Butch Coolidge

Pulp Fiction

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About Him

Grew Up… in Tennessee. Butch’s father died in the Vietnam War, and all Butch has to remember him is a gold watch and family heirloom that his father’s comrade, Captain Koons, took great pains to smuggle back to the states.

Living… in Los Angeles. Butch lives in a small apartment, but after he pissed off local crime boss Marsellus Wallace it didn’t seem smart to hang around. Now he’s holed up in a motel, trying to lay low till he can make a break for it and escape L.A.

Profession… professional boxer. Butch has never been top dog in the ring, but things have been getting even rougher as he’s grown older. Recently, he was approached by Wallace to throw a fight for some money – an offer Butch begrudgingly accepted.

Interests… boxing and smoking. When he’s not in the ring, Butch likes to smoke Red Apples without the filters. Also, he spends a lot of time obsessing over his father’s gold watch, which is easily his most prized possession.

Relationship Status… dating Fabienne, his French girlfriend. Butch and Fabienne just want to escape Los Angeles together and get away from all the violence and crime. They have a relaxed relationship, and they’re very open with each other.

Challenge… escaping Los Angeles in one piece. Although Butch agreed to throw the fight when Marsellus approached him, he had second thoughts and puts money on himself to win instead. Now, Marsellus is after him, along with his hitmen, trying to track him down and eliminate him.

Personality… prideful, tough, and hotheaded. Butch is a no-nonsense kind of guy who doesn’t take too kindly to people trying to get the best of him. Despite his stoic exterior, he’s got a good heart deep down.

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