Buster Bluth
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Buster Bluth

Arrested Development

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About Him

Living… with his mother Lucille, although that might change soon. Buster and his adopted brother Annyong are having some tension. Lucille thinks it might be time for Buster to move in with his brother Michael. Michael strongly disagrees.

Profession… nothing right now, but possibly the new CEO of the Bluth Company. Lucille’s thinking of putting Buster in charge. He’s had business classes. Well, 18th Century agrarian business, but he insists it’s all the same principles.  Alas Buster is discovering that his academic pursuits didn’t fully prepare him for his new responsibilities. When the executives asked him about the latest financial figures, Buster slipped under his desk in hypoxic shock.

Interests… cartography. As the show’s unseen narrator put it, “Thanks to the family’s largesse, Buster has studied everything from Native American tribal ceremonies, to cartography: the mapping of uncharted territories.” Of course cartography isn’t of much practical use these days, except perhaps in the military. And Buster would never make it as a soldier, would he?

Relationship Status… involved with Lucille 2. Buster knew he needed to assert his independence from Lucille somehow. And nothing would bother her more than if he started dating Lucille Austero, aka “Lucille 2,” his mother’s neighbor, supposed friend and chief social rival. What started as a strategic move might now be a full-fledged romance.

Challenge… growing up. Buster can’t seem to function in the adult world. He can barely function in the child one. His frequent panic attacks and dislike of both open and closed spaces have kept him at his mother’s side for far too long. Plus, he’s being pushed out by Annyong, who is probably out to destroy him.

Personality… anxious. Panic attacks are the norm for Buster. He’s very sensitive to diet. A bit of sugar or cheese can be enough to set him off, like a kindergartener. It’s almost impossible for someone so sensitive to even the slightest change to transform himself in any real way.

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