Burt Stanton
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Burt Stanton

Children of the Corn

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About Him

Overview… a recent med school grad on a crosscountry trip. Burt Stanton is driving across the U.S. with his girlfriend Vicky to start his residency in Seattle. While in Nebraska, a freak accident causes them to stop in the small backroads town of Gatlin, which appears to be deserted. Unfortunately for Burt, it isn't. A crazed cult has taken root in the isolated town, and they don't take kindly to strangers. Burt has to think fast and move faster if he and Vicky want to make it out alive.

Personality… cool and collected. Burt has all the characteristics of a successful doctor. Even so, nothing could prepare him for the terror that awaits in Gatlin. Faced with danger, Burt takes a few seconds to process his fear, and then moves quickly to address it. Motivated by his desire to help people, Burt's bravest moments are typically attempts to rescue Vicky or other helpless victims they meet – though it's difficult to tell who exactly is on their side.

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