Burt Goodman

Burt Goodman


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… unknown. Like all severed workers, Burt’s memory has been wiped while in the office, leaving him with no knowledge of his personal life on the outside. Being much older than the rest of the employees on the severed floor, one cannot help but wonder what life circumstances led Burt to take up a severed role.

Living… every waking moment in the office. Burt spends his days either wandering the halls hanging up paintings or tending to business at the Optics and Design Department. Generally calm and collected, Burt seems perfectly content with his day-to-day life on the severed floor.

Profession… head of the Optics and Design Department at Lumon Industries. Burt is clearly a believer in doing what you love for a living as an artist working in design. An experienced and passionate enjoyer of art, Burt is all that Lumon could ask for. Burt is certain his co-workers are always with him in spirit, "in some deep and yet completely unaccessible corner of his mind.”

Interests… the arts. Burt is a true man of culture and displays great excitement for the art which he is tasked with hanging around the halls of the severed floor—a passion shared by select fellow employees whom Burt finds himself getting along with very well.

Relationship Status… single. Burt is a man that is in touch with his emotions and who displays a great amount of sensitivity and openness. When sure of himself, he is not afraid to express his feelings to others when the moment arises. 

Challenge… handling his duties as head of his department while also maintaining new friendships made within the Macro Data Refinement Department. Although Burt has taken a liking to the employees of Macro Data Refinement, Lumon does not exactly encourage friendships between departments, which may impede Burt’s professional duties.

Personality… old-fashioned, cultured, and always a calming presence. Burt is a well-liked and friendly person, making it no wonder that he finds it so easy to make friends not just in his own department, but also all across the severed floor.


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