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About Him

Overview… a deadly assassin with almost perfect aim. In fact, Bullseye has never missed a target. But his perfect record is sullied when he attempts to assassinate Nikolas Natchios and finds himself engaged in combat with the superhero, Daredevil. While Bullseye kills Nikolas without a problem, he fails to kill Daredevil – making the man without fear the only target that Bullseye has ever missed. The obsessive and psychotic Bullseye is haunted by this fact, and dedicates himself to hunting and killing the blind do-gooder.

Personality… cocky and cruel. The sociopathic Bullseye takes great pleasure in his work as a professional killer. While his accuracy makes him an effective hit man, he’s plagued by a host of neuroses and psychological problems that push him to fully understand his targets before he kills them. 

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