Buddy Rydell
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Buddy Rydell

Anger Management

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About Him

Living… with one of his patients, Dave Buznik. Buddy, an anger management therapist, prefers an intensive, all-consuming method of therapy: He likes to shadow his patients, live with them, and get under their skin.

Profession… therapist. Buddy has been coaching angry people to deal with their problems for a long time. He knows all of the annoying aphorisms: “Temper’s the one thing you can’t get rid of by losing it.”

Interests… anger management and women. Buddy’s deep voice and charming personality have always made him a bit of a ladies’ man. It’s not his fault if a woman finds him attractive — even if that woman happens to be his patient's girlfriend.

Relationship Status… complicated. Unfortunately, Buddy and Dave’s girlfriend, Linda, have “fallen for one another, pretty hard, too.” While this may do wonders for Buddy’s life, it’s not exactly helping Dave get over his anger issues.

Challenge… curing David’s anger and anxiety. Buddy isn’t fooled by Dave’s placid exterior; he knows that inside the seemingly calm and polite Dave is an ocean of anger just waiting to overflow. So he becomes Dave’s roommate with hopes of getting to the bottom of what makes Dave so angry.

Personality… annoying, over-personal, and invasive. Buddy has a way of getting under Dave’s skin like no one else. His ostensibly “therapeutic” techniques don’t seem to be helping Dave get more relaxed – on the contrary, Buddy seems to be turning Dave into a wrathful man. It seems like he’s willing to go to the extreme just to push Dave’s buttons and get him to react. 

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